"Move Fast and Build Things"



 We are a team of accomplished technology professionals with deep experience in semiconductors, software, systems, development tools.  A common desire to re-think and re-build methods of semiconductor R&D brought us together.  We are driven by a passion to transform our own industry.



Simply put we are developing and deploying an automated AI software-based platform that delivers custom integrated circuit designs 100X faster than legacy teams and flows.  Our focus is on analog/mixed-signal applications which have been historically resistant to automation.  We have achieved the 'impossible'.



The chip industry has transformed the world on its way to $500B.  But recently R&D innovation has become slow and expensive, limiting growth.  At Celera we believe breaking down the 'R&D barrier' will unlock many billions of dollars in new opportunities for the entire ecosystem.  At Celera we want to help the chip industry continue changing the world - only faster.